[10:22:22] legoktm: hey, https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Toolforge/Rust and the my first rust tool guide still recommend using your rustup setup on the grid to build stuff, iirc you had a newer setup to build stuff with the jobs framework? [13:15:37] hello, I'm trying to migrate from toolforge to the new service, as I've some jobs running on Toolforge for >5 years now. However, my key isn't recognized when I try to log in to login.tools.wmflabs.org (previously login.toolforge.org, if i understand well) [13:15:37] Can somebody guide me? Just would like to find my stuff to migrate it [13:17:15] autom-frwikt: hey, what's your username? (and login.toolforge.org is the current name, the login.tools.wmflabs.org name is the old one) [13:17:37] my account name on toolforge was botomatik [13:18:54] yep, I mixed up the names, though I tried logging in to the two servers wmflabs/toolforge unsuccessfully [13:22:11] as far as I can tell, the ssh key configured on your account (https://toolsadmin.wikimedia.org/profile/settings/ssh-keys/) is not the same as the key you're trying to use to log in. double check you have the correct key added there? [13:41:38] taavi: that would be strange as this is the most recent that I have, I think. I haven't logged in to the bastion for at least 5 years and that key dates back from 2016 [13:58:20] taavi: yeah I have a todo to update that, but https://gitlab.wikimedia.org/legoktm/toolforge-ansible/-/blob/main/roles/tfrust/tasks/main.yaml?ref_type=heads#L91 is what I've been using [14:00:58] I managed to connect to https://toolsadmin.wikimedia.org/, and just added my public key there, but login.toolforge.org ssh server is still refusing my private key [14:11:12] I finally made it by adding the public key under format "ssh-rsa ", the previous commented format ("---- BEGIN SSH2 PUBLIC KEY ----") wasn't working [14:48:34] !log tools.wikibugs restarting wikibugs to deploy T350778 / r975426 [14:48:39] Logged the message at https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Nova_Resource:Tools.wikibugs/SAL [14:48:40] T350778: Better message than "This change is ready for review" when patch stops being WIP - https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T350778 [14:50:20] !log tools.wikibugs kubectl delete pod grrrrit-567d49c997-m5qzl (pod "grrrrit-567d49c997-m5qzl" deleted); kubectl get pods shows new pod grrrrit-567d49c997-xdvm2 (running 34s) [14:50:22] Logged the message at https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Nova_Resource:Tools.wikibugs/SAL [16:00:54] Where do I find the logs (stdout) of a python script I run within my toolforge shell session? (eg. with `python3 my_script.py`)? [16:15:12] ah, just figured out it's simply the terminal, my script was logging nothing [21:23:26] is somebody here? oO [21:25:19] many peoople are [21:27:08] I am looking for help. I am following this instruction https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/g/mediawiki/core/+/HEAD/DEVELOPERS.md [21:27:09] Want to get it worked on my local setup. [21:27:11] [21:27:12] But [21:27:14] ``` [21:27:15] [21:27:17] $ curl -v http://localhost:8080/ [21:27:18] * Trying [21:27:20] * Connected to localhost ( port 8080 (#0) [21:27:21] > GET / HTTP/1.1 [21:27:23] > Host: localhost:8080 [21:27:24] > User-Agent: curl/8.0.1 [21:27:26] > Accept: */* [21:27:27] > [21:27:29] < HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable [21:27:30] < Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2023 21:26:31 GMT [21:27:32] < Server: Apache/2.4.38 (Debian) [21:27:33] < Content-Length: 376 [21:27:35] < Connection: close [21:27:36] < Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1 [21:27:38] < [21:27:39] [21:27:41] [21:27:42] 503 Service Unavailable [21:27:44] [21:27:45]

Service Unavailable


The server is temporarily unable to service your [21:27:48] request due to maintenance downtime or capacity [21:27:50] problems. Please try again later.

Apache/2.4.38 (Debian) Server at localhost Port 8080
[21:29:43] This is technically the wrong channel for it, as this is for wikimedia cloud services support, when it sounds like you're looking for generic mediawiki support [21:32:50] > This is technically the wrong channel for it [21:32:51] I understand this but it isn't easy to navigate through mediawiki resources. Is there telegram `generic mediawiki support` group? [22:06:13] There is #mediawiki on IRC, not sure there's a telegram equivalent. (re @np25071984: > This is technically the wrong channel for it [22:06:14] I understand this but it isn't easy to navigate through mediawiki resources. Is t...) [23:37:15] Hello, I'm trying to migrate my grid engine jobs to Kubernetes. I have custom scripts that import pywikibot, but that aren't part of the pywikibot scripts library. Do I need to use tool-pywikibot/pywikibot-scripts-stable:latest image, or another one?